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11 Sep

Choosing a travel destination with kids

Consider these tips when planning your next family vacation

Choosing a travel destination with kids

When you're deciding on your next family vacation spot, there are countless factors to be considered. You'll have to weigh costs, distance, activities, weather, accommodation and much more before settling on the perfect destination. The ages and interests of your children may be the biggest determining factor when you pick a travel destination, and it's important to keep them involved from the very early stages of the planning process.

Get Everyone’s Ideas Together
Holidays are far more fun when everyone feels active and engaged in the itinerary, so start off by brainstorming as a whole family. Find out what each person wants their vacation to look like, whether it's relaxing on a beach, visiting museums in a big city, camping in the car, or going skiing at a nice resort. Children will have a much better time if they're excited about where they're going and what they'll be experiencing.

Once you've got a better picture of every person's wants and needs, it's usually time to make some compromises. It's unlikely that all family members will agree on a specific destination that's also a viable option, and now's the time to consider any budgetary constraints or other limitations. The first thing you'll want to think about is the method of transportation - are cars, trains, boats, and planes all real options? If air and ocean travel is out, draw a circle around your starting point as far as you can go, and work from there. Flight and cruise prices can be very seasonal, so if your heart's set on a specific location, try setting up alerts to notify you when a ticket price hits a certain threshold.

Special Inclusions
Apart from finances, you'll also want to think about other potential limitations for your family. If you're traveling with an older relative or anyone with limited mobility, you'll have to do some extra research on the accessibility of your destination. Dietary restrictions can also be an important factor, as many countries have very limited vegan or vegetarian options. 

Family-Friendly Amenities
Finally, your children's ages should play a big role in where you decide on staying - does the hotel have a kid-friendly pool, activities, or even evening entertainment options? Does it have a more relaxed, family-friendly vibe? Picking the right accommodation can make or break a family vacation!

The Bottomline
When choosing the destination for your next family vacation, remember to keep it fun. Get everyone involved so your whole family feels like it's their vacation. Once you've established everyone's wants and needs, start thinking of locations that can accommodate any restraints or limitations you may have. Then read about your potential destinations together, and settle on a place that has a little something for everyone. Family vacations are about making memories, and that should go for planning too!

[Contributed by Hannah Stevens]