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22 Jun

Travel of the beaten path to Jordan

Explore Petra and much more

Travel of the beaten path to Jordan

Jordan map twisht blog


Jordan is located on the east bank of the Jordan River and famous for its ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts.


1. Explore the capital city of AMMAN: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Amman, Jordan's capital. Visit the Citadel to see ancient ruins, explore the bustling markets of the downtown, and sample delicious Jordanian cuisine in local restaurants.

Amman Jordan twisht


Amman Jordan twisht blog



Fairmont Amman twisht Jordan

Fairmont Amman is a five-star deluxe luxury hotel with a prestigious address next to the Fifth Circle of Amman, centrally located within walking distance of the city's most affluent neighborhoods of Abdoun and the adjacent diplomatic area.



Khan Kheidiwe Hotel Amman twisht

Khan Khediwe is the first of its kind Three-Star Boutique Hotel located in downtown Amman. Their unique location inspired them to create a classic arabesque hotel to showcase the cultures authenticity to all of their guests. 



Post Boutique Hotel Amman twisht

Post Boutique Hotel offers spacious and luxurious accommodation in the heart of Amman's business district, 4 km from the Roman Theater, and is a walking distance from the 4th circle and its nearby shopping malls in Abdali and Abdoun area, only10 min from the old city center, 5 min to the Boulevard Abdali area and 25 min from Queen Alia International Airport. 


2. Dive or snorkel in the Red Sea: Head to AQABA, Jordan's only coastal city, and discover the vibrant marine life of the Red Sea. Explore stunning coral reefs, go scuba diving, snorkeling, or take a boat trip to enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

Aqaba Jordan twisht blog


Aqaba Jordan twisht blog



Grand Tala Bay Resort Aqaba twisht

Situated directly on the Red Sea, this resort hotel in Aqaba offers guests a private beach getaway with all the recreation the sea has to offer.



Marina Plaza Hotel Aqaba twisht

Situated along the Red Sea shore, Marina Plaza Hotel offers 260 modern rooms with views of the beautiful Tala Bay Marina Plaza swimming pool, or the Aqaba mountains.


3. Float in the DEAD SEA: Experience the unique sensation of floating effortlessly in the hypersaline waters of the Dead Sea. Enjoy the therapeutic properties of its  mineral-rich mud and take in the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Dead Sea Jordan twisht blog


Dead Sea Jordan twisht blog


4. Visit the Roman ruins of JERASH: Step back in time at the ancient Roman city of Jerash, where you can wander through remarkably preserved ruins such as the Oval Plaza, Hadrian's Arch, and the Temple of Artemis.

Jerash Jordan twisht blog


Jerash Jordan twisht blog



5. Indulge in authentic JORDANIAN CUISINE: Sample the delicious flavors of Jordanian cuisine, including dishes like mansaf (a traditional Bedouin dish), falafel, mezze, and shawarma. Don't forget to try Jordan's national dish, maqluba (upside-down rice and meat).

Jordan food twisht blog


Jordan food twisht blog


Jordan food twisht blog


6. Explore the Crusader castle of KERAK: Discover the impressive fortress of Kerak, a Crusader castle that offers a glimpse into Jordan's medieval past. Explore its maze-like corridors, climb its battlements, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Kerak Jordan twisht blog


Kerak Jordan twisht blog


7. MADABA is an ancient town in Jordan, southwest of the capital Amman. It’s known for  its 6th-century mosaic map of the Holy Land in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George.

Madaba Jordan twisht blog


Madaba Jordan twisht blog



Moab Land Hotel Madaba twisht

Moab Land Hotel is located directly at the heart of Madaba: Mosiac Map Church, the mosaic map of Madaba is the oldest known geographic floor mosaic in art history.


8. Experience the biblical site of MOUNT NEBO: Visit Mount Nebo, believed to be the place where Moses saw the Promised Land before he died. Take in the panoramic views of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and even Jerusalem on a clear day.

Mount Nebo Jordan twisht blog


Mount Nebo Jordan twisht blog


9. Explore the ancient city of PETRA: Petra is an archaeological marvel and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Marvel at the intricate rock-carved facades, including the famous Treasury (Al-Khazneh), the Monastery (Ad Deir), and the Royal Tombs.

Petra Jordan twisht blog


Petra Jordan twisht blog



Nomads Hotel Petra twisht

A genuine Arabic experience yet modern and comfortable. Nomads Hotel Petra is a destination in its own right, a great place to socialize and to reflect on your experiences of the day. Head to the terrace and chill out areas to get yourself a well-deserved drink or two and enjoy the scenery of Petra mountains.



Petra Palace Hotel twisht

The Petra Palace Hotel welcomes you to the legendary ancient city of Petra and invites you to explore its hidden treasures, whilst enjoying a comfortable stay and experiencing the renowned Jordanian hospitality. The Petra Palace is an elegant three star deluxe hotel offering accommodation, in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.


10. Discover the desert wonders of WADI RUM: Embark on a desert adventure in Wadi Rum, a vast and breathtakingly beautiful desert landscape. Take a jeep tour, ride a camel, go hiking, or spend a night under the stars in a Bedouin camp.

Wadi Rum Jordan twisht blog


Wadi Rum Jordan twisht blog




Rum Stars Camp Wadi Rum twisht

Rum Stars Camp, their Bedouin camp is located in the heart of the Wadi Rum Protected Area, 13km from the Wadi Rum Village. The camp is in a unique and beautiful location, wonderfully secluded and out of view from any other campsites.



Wild Wadi Rum Desert Adventure twisht

Wild Wadi Rum offer a wide range of adventure excursions into the heart of Wadi Rum. As well as carefully-designed jeep tours, camel treks, hiking and climbing, they offer fully-customizable tours designed by you.


HOW TO GET THERE: The main airport in Jordan is Queen Alia International Airport which is home to popular national airlines including Royal Jordanian. Visitors can get to Jordan by plane from almost any country on a daily basis. Visitors can fly directly from many European cities,  North America and Asia.

HOW TO GET AROUND: With planes, buses and taxis, there are many way to get around Jordan by public transport. On top of this, the roads in Jordan are safe and easy to navigate making it ideal for those who wish to hire a car and venture further afield. 

WHEN TO GO: Generally, the best time to visit Jordan is during spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November). 

SAFETY & SECURITY: Click here for the latest updates