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Here are some frequently asked questions which may be helpful. Otherwise, feel free to contact us directly and our dedicated Global Marketing Advisors will happily assist you.

  • How do I sign my business up?

    Simply navigate to the ‘Features and Register Your Business’ page and follow the online sign up prompts. Should you prefer a manual sign-up, feel free to email one of our Global Marketing Advisors at sales@twisht.com.

  • Can small and bespoke properties or businesses still sign up?

    twisht is open to any sized set up, as we believe experiences are unique and should be discovered and celebrated for what they are.

  • Who can join and under what categories?

    Any and all travel, lifestyle, leisure & hospitality suppliers. Our main categories are Sleep, Eat, Play and Move. The sub categories such as accommodation, restaurants, bars, diving, theatre etc will fall under these. If you’re not sure where yours might fit in, get in touch with us at sales@twisht.com and we’ll advise you.

  • What are the requirements in order to sign up to twisht?

    Ensuring your product or service is within the travel, hospitality, leisure and lifestyle market, you can complete your online or offline signup, settle the once-off annual fee, and supply the relevant information, links and images so that your profile can be accurately displayed.

  • Could I potentially receive more bookings by means of participation in twisht?

    Yes. Your listing will be promoted to a new global audience, and attract direct enquiries and social links, which will help you convert more business.

  • How can I utilize the twisht badge in order to maximize exposure as a proud participant?

    You can place your iconic twisht badge on your online and offline channels such as: Email signatures, website home page, printed brochures, rate cards, in-room reading material, business cards, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the like.

  • How does voting work?

    Voting takes place annually for a set time period. During this phase, anyone will be able to cast their vote for their favourite experience. You will only compete against others who are registered in the same main category, and awards title as you are, and will be allocated on a country and continent basis.

  • Would my guests and customers be able to vote?

    Yes, anyone who has internet access can vote online for your business. It is highly recommended that you promote your participation to your network to request their support during the annual awards campaign.

  • If we win a title in the annual awards campaign, how can we use it to our advantage?

    You can publish a press release of your winning achievement for global exposure. Your winner status will earn you the twisht winner badge, certificate and media announcements for you to showcase and maximize your publicity. This can be an added campaign for your marketing department and boost your value proposition to guests or customers, which ultimately leads to improved business.

  • How can my hospitality business become a part of twisht?

    Simply Simply register online here, pay the once-off fee, upload your information, and you will have a shining profile on twishts platform.

  • What happens if we win?

    Should you win in your category, you will receive the official twisht winner badge and certificate to proudly display, which will extend added credibility and confidence to your product. You will also be able to purchase exclusive winner merchandise such as a trophy, flag, and associated branded items.

  • Why is there a once-off cost?

    This once-off fee is necessary for the twisht platform to operate, grow and maximize its vision and mission to a global community, which further benefits you. In comparison, this fee is negligible next to common alternative marketing platforms.